Social Media (30-59 Seconds)

Brand awareness, inspiration, ads, etc.

Technique (1-3 Minutes)

A how-to or secret tidbit

Testimonial (1-3 Minutes)

A happy customer, their product

& your impact.  

Intro/Spotlight (3-5 Minutes)

5 W’s for one person, one idea, one vision.

Promo  (3-5 Minutes)

5 W’s for business

Fundraising (3-5 Minutes)

5 W’s, Stats, Competition to convince people
 to give you money to support your vision.

Demo/Educational (5 Minutes +)

Teaching something

Music/Inspiration/Artistic (Any length)

A visual painting

Documentary (Any length)

The Hero’s journey

...and more.

Video Production
by Ann Cabano Films

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