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• Content Calendar
‣  Brainstorm, define, and control social media content & creation.
‣  Create a flow, schedule and choice for social media posts for
   Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinerest & more.

• Research

‣ Relevancy, Marketing models, Algorithms, Competitors, Good Neighbors, Content, etc.

• Content Creation
‣  Graphics ,Ads, Good Neighbor, Brand Identity
‣  Engagement posts
‣  Video’s
‣  Team Education: Social Apps, Marketing Apps, etc.

• Outreach
‣  Sharing & Connecting
‣  Social engagement
‣  Good Neighbor relationships

• Branding
‣ Voice, color scheme, font choices, logo files, strategy, etc.

• Workflow Education

‣ Project management, resources, team education

• Website Updates

‣ Inputting copy, graphic, data entry

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