~Spiritual Guidance

-Reiki Mentorship

-Spiritual Mentorship
~Existential Support & Guidance
-Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

-Energy Medicine 

-Clearing & Balancing

-Understanding Intuition, Empathy and Connection to Source.



Also available at events.

Life or Spiritual Coaching combined with hand massage. Safe, non-sexual touch is an essential need for humans to thrive. This is an alternative way to receive touch without the need for a massage table or disrobing.

Human touch releases the nature feel good hormones promoting a sense of well-being, peace, calm and safety. 

This is an opportunity for vulnerability and intimacy in a safe, non-sexual way to help you feel supported, connected and witnessed. 

Ann is a master at helping to guide you into feeling confident, feeling seen, loved, safe & protected. You do not have to do this alone. Find your voice, discover your purpose, claim your gifts, express your grace.

Everyone is welcome.

​Everyone is loved.

This is a judgment free zone.


~Balances Energy

-Provides Safe Touch

-Releases Stress
~Calms Anxiety
-Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

-Energy Medicine 

-Clearing & Balancing

-Promotes Connection to Source.

-Balances Chakras

-Releases Positive 'Feel Good' hormones.

-Promotes a sense of calm.

Ann is an ordained minister with a Bachelor of Divinity in Ministerial Counseling and Metaphysical Healing. She is also a trained Life & Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist

with over 15 years of experience.


~Individual, Couples & Family Support
~Relationship Support
~Communication Skills
~Self Esteem & Empowerment

~Existential Support & Guidance
~Emotional Support

​-Finding meaning & purpose

​-Finding your 'WHY'


~Video Production Prep
-Photography Session Prep

-Film Prep & Story
~Business Support - Finding the 'Why"
-Becoming camera ready, Do's & Don'ts

-Finding your mission 

-Defining the purpose in your business

-Discovering your 'story'