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The Watchman's


Voice Over -

Concept Trailer

; semicolon
An Ann Cabano Film

in collaboration with Melissa Corter

A Just Be Love Project Production

Two women put a call out to photograph suicide awareness semicolon tatoo's and were not prepared for what the captured instead. A journey through suicide, mental health and survival.


Piece of Me
An Ann Cabano Film
Two adopted women discover they are sisters.  A community comes together to support their first face-to-face meeting.


The Sweetheart




Executive Producer

Breath Interrupted
An Ann Cabano Film
Through a young woman's struggle with a violent meth addiction comes the story of victory and triumph - existing in a world of darkness and pain, Krysten's life was suddenly interrupted, catapulting her in to a world of beauty and love.

Phoenix Comicon

2015 official selection
Jerome Film Festival

2015 official selection
Tempe 2015
Phoenix 2015
Jerome 2015

He Called Me Angel
An Ann Cabano Film
The chilling tale of trauma to triumph through the human trafficking journey of Shanna Parker.


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Unsheltered Heart
An Ann Cabano Film
Unsheltered Heart  follows the journey of community advocate and local Hero Doug Stewart as he retires from his outreach in California and moves his family to Arizona where he discovers his souls purpose has not been completed.


An Ann Cabano Film
An educational film about sex addition, sexual trauma and the importance of human connection.
Unfilthy follows one woman's journey from sexual abuse and promiscuity to the healing arms of prayer. 


Other contributions:

Tainted Love